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Company History

Hi, I'm Brandon Pearce. I created Music Teacher's Helper to help me keep track of my own piano students, including their schedules, payments, and lesson progress. Soon after, I realized it might be useful to other teachers too, and I made it available as a subscription service.

From its humble beginnings in 2004, Music Teacher's Helper has grown into a comprehensive studio management tool that serves thousands of music teachers across the globe, saving them time, keeping them organized, and helping them communicate more effectively with their students. I hope you'll take the chance to try out Music Teacher's Helper and see how it can help you in your studio.

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Our product and customer support are inspired by the following values:

1) Compassion: As human beings, there is great joy to be had in serving and forming relationships with other people. At Music Teacher's Helper, we strive to be aware of the needs of those we’re serving, and show compassion for ourselves, each other on the team, our customers, and the world.

2) Creativity: We strive to foster an environment supportive of creativity, and freedom to innovate, experiment, and share our ideas.

3) Quality: Delivering a complex product and service with simplicity and efficiency requires a thorough understanding of our customers and their needs, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to creating something magnificent and life changing. That’s our goal.

4) Enjoyment: Enjoyment and stress are in the mind. Seeing the bigger picture of how even our small actions are making a positive difference can make the most monotonous task more enjoyable. We prefer principles over policies, automation over delegation, and real life over dreaming about it. We want to live fulfilling lives and to inspire others to do the same.

How We Work

Music Teacher’s Helper employees work from virtual home offices. As a result, there is no daily commuting. This reduces carbon emissions, and the negative health effects commutes can have. Our remote team also operates in a paperless environment (aside from the rare document), including the products we sell. Doing everything electronically means no trees need to be cut down for paper, and no trucks or planes needed to ship materials across the world. We don’t miss using printer ink, which has negative impacts on the environment and also happens to be more expensive than fancy champagne!

We also noticed two positive side-effects of operating a remote team:

1) We get to disregard geography & hire the very best talent anywhere, with no obstacle of relocating or sourcing team members geographically.

2) Keep overhead lower which keeps our pricing down for our customers. We have no plans to change operating in a remote environment and will continue reap the benefits it has on our company, customers, and planet.

User Testimonials

  • "At first I wasn't sure about signing up for MTH, but I will never regret it! I love the huge variety of services on MTH since I can now keep my studio organized all in one place! The lending library was a great help during recital season and I got all my books back, which is a first! "
    Melody Siemens, Alberta Canada
  • "Music Teacher's Helper saved my business and my love for what I do. The calendar makes it so easy to schedule students. The invoicing function ensures that all students know how much is due and when. The website feature has helped me to create an amazing web presence."
    Andrew McCormick, Bangor, Maine
  • "I don't know what took me so long to sign up with Music Teachers Helper. I was keeping all of my records on my computer with a hodge podge of Excel, Word, and Outlook Express."
    Stephanie James Hoffpauir, Broussard, Louisiana
  • "Everything that MTH offers: the website, the invoicing, the online payments... has greatly contributed to the success of my studio! It has brought a level of professionalism, that has resulted in the trust and confidence of the parents, which is absolutely invaluable to me as a teacher!"
    Brooke Baker, Portland, OR

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